The ‘Affaire’ between Technocracy and Populism

Published as “The Convergence between Technocracy and Populism” in El País, August 14, p. 23.

Citizens should know the real costs of their wishes

For a populist, it is the market alone that is responsible for the crisis so the solution necessarily lies in increasing political control of the economy. Since a populist believes that political will …

From Values to Economic Myths

Interview by Abel Hernández, published at Sintetia on September 24 (first part) and 26 (second part), 2012

Benito Arruñada is Professor of Business Organization at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. His research is at the borders of Organization, Economics and Law. He has published a large number of books and scientific articles, and his most recent …

Regulating the conveyancing services market

In December 2007, the DG Competition of the European Commission made public a report on the reform of the provision of legal services in real estate transactions.

The report classifies conveyancing systems according to a formal and relatively minor feature—intervention by different kinds of conveyancers: notaries, lawyers or real estate agents—instead of the much more substantive issue of the type …